Auto Aircondition service and repairs

What is a cabin Filter?

Modern vehicles are equipped with a cabin filter that cleans the air entering the passenger’s compartment. Dust and harmful to human’s pollutants will be absorbed by the cabin filter from entering the passenger compartment and breathed by the passengers.

What will happen if the cabin filtered is not replaced regularly?

Eventually the filtered will get blocked reducing the flow of air into the passenger compartment both during A/C command or heater command. Once the filter is blocked bad odours with bacterial build up on the filter will enter the passenger compartment.

How often the filter should be replaced?

With the dusty environment we have in our country is advised that every year the filter must be replaced.

Types of Cabin filter

They are different types of cabin filters, simple ones that can absorb only dust and some pollutants to the carbon-based ones that can filter dust, harmful pollutants and unpleasant odours.

Our solution is to regularly perform a climate system service that includes cabin filter replacement check of the Freon capacity and replacement of A/C compressor lubricant.


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